Full truckload transport

Thanks to our modern fleet and experienced drivers, we guarantee reliable deliveries throughout Europe, Scandinavia and the UK.


We offer comprehensive cargo transportation and coordination services, ensuring certainty and efficiency of deliveries.

Groupage and express shipments

We provide fast and safe transportation of small and medium-sized loads. We guarantee quick and safe delivery of goods to their destination.

Ferry crossings

We cooperate with renowned shipowners, which allows us to ensure not only reliability, but also favorable transport conditions.

Intermodal Transport

We offer innovative intermodal transport solutions that combine different modes of transport to optimize delivery efficiency and costs.

Warehouse space

We are experts in the field of warehouse and logistics services. Our offer includes comprehensive care for your goods, including storage, warehousing and professional loading and unloading services. In addition, we take care of individual needs by storing goods according to their specific requirements.


We not only transport your products, but also offer innovative packaging solutions. We produce packaging individually tailored to your needs. Our packaging not only stands out on the market, but also provides excellent protection during transport.


We specialize in comprehensive advice on optimizing logistics costs in your company. With our experienced experts, you can count on identifying potential savings and improvements throughout your supply chain.

Meet us

Relations matter

We deal with logistics, but we also support people who, like us, have their passions and persistently strive to achieve their goals. We are extremely open to cooperation with such people, appreciating their determination and commitment. If you have your dreams and need support, please contact us. Together we can achieve more.

We are glad that we can cooperate with such a prestigious sports club as POGOŃ Szczecin, which is the pride of the Pomerania region. Together, we are guided by passion, perseverance and ambition, creating unforgettable moments on and off the pitch. This cooperation is an expression of our respect for sport and the POGOŃ Szczecin team.

We always focus on social responsibility. We take environmental aspects into account, care about the well-being of our community and take care of relations with employees. In constant pursuit of development, we organize regular training for our team and foreign company trips, which improve our professional skills, but also build strong and friendly relations. We are active and engaged, both in business and in society.

We focus on young talents. In our original Starter Program, addressed to students, we offer support to young people in finding a job in the TSL industry, enabling them to successfully start their professional career. We are strongly committed to developing the potential of the young generation and creating prospects for them on the labor market.